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Friday, July 22, 2011

Story: "Walking with her Daddy"

Hi there! I haven't blogged for a while, but I would just like to share this story that I have wrote. Hope you guys like it. :)



Walking away from the mean sound of laughter, Nicole brushed off a slipping tear. Hatred, envy, and sadness filled her heart. She was confused, and wondered where she would go…you see, Nicole isn’t the most popular girl at Minton Public Middle School. She was the girl no one loved, and definitely didn’t want anything to do with her. In their terms, she was considered ‘weird’, a ‘nobody’, and ‘un-wanted’. And sad enough, Nicole believed that. Running down the street away from the kids and the chaos, tears fell down her cheeks and this time she wasn’t able to stop them. “Why couldn’t I have anybody, anyone, who will listen to me? This pain that I carry is far too much for me to bear.” She thought. “I am a no-body, why must I continue to live” But there has to be someone…someone that will listen to me. I cannot give up hope!” She lay on the soft grass that comforted her sweaty back. Sighing aloud she fell asleep not knowing that her Maker was cradling her in His big gentle arms.
As Nicole sat at the dinner table with her step-mom, she took a deep breath and asked, “Mom, I really do not want to go to school tomorrow. Please don’t make me go! I will do anything.” Her step-mom looked at her hardly then answered, “Fine, whatever. Don’t go and get a good education. It’s your life to ruin.” Nicole excused herself and ran to her room. Surprisingly enough, the thirteen year old found tears that hadn’t been used the afternoon before. She then cried herself to sleep not knowing that once again her Creator was there, and that that night she would have a dream that would change her life forever.


Nicole was walking along through the grass when a man who was more handsome than anyone she had ever seen appeared to her. He had white hair, whiter than a lamb’s wool, and eyes that were cheerful. He said to her, “Nicole. Nicole. I am your Creator. I am your best friend, the best friend you have always wanted. I am your daddy. The Daddy that you always craved for. I am here for you, to protect you, to keep you, to cherish you and to love you. Follow me, my princess. For I want to be with you in Heaven forever and ever. Do not dwell on what people think of you, but rather live for what I think of you. I love you, Nicole, I love you.” After that, Nicole ran to Him with tears of joy saying, “But Daddy, why must I go through this pain alone? Why can’t I see you when I go through my struggles? Why can’t you protect me from those mean people?” He looked at her with pain in His eyes and said, “My child, those children who are mean to you are also going through hard struggles. Instead of looking at them with hatred, look at them with love and sympathy. If they are mean to you, turn the other cheek. I have died for those people who rebuked me, and hated me…but we must continue to love them so that they may also go to Heaven and dwell with me forever. You will see me once again in Heaven, my child, you must believe in me and turn your heart to me. I must go right now, but remember I am always with you although you may not see me.” All of a sudden, Nicole woke up with a start. She looked around her room saying, “My Creator, My Savior, My Heavenly Father, where are you?” She knew that her dream wasn’t just a fantasy, but that there really was a God. And there was someone that she could turn to. Her eyes landed outside her windowsill and on the outside bench was a book that she had never seen before. She climbed out her window and picked up the book. Enthralled with what she was reading, she cuddled up and began her journey as being a Christian. And she knew that no matter what happened, she would always walk the journey with her Daddy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to the work...yay me...

Well...since we are now back home from our trip to Iowa it seems that I have to do more school work. Yay me, right? Anyways, my mom wants us kids to do math and language over the summer so we can keep our skills up. I want to practice my writing skills, also, so I will be writing in this blog. As I am currently writing right now, I am pondering over what to write about. Hmm...perhaps a topic that interests myself?

If you know me, I really find History an interesting topic. I always wonder, What would it be like to live in the 1800's? We went to a Living History Museum in Iowa that was based upon the 1700's through the 1900's. It was amazing! These people were hard-workers--they kind of had to have been. A thought that crossed my mind that made me a little envious, was that the kids could run around and well, be kids! They didn't have the temptations of television or electronic devices. They never had to worry about getting stolen or worse, a thought that my awesome parents always worry about. These kids could go to the city by themselves (they knew everyone there), run around, and play with their friends. I wish the United States was safe like that these days. I would gladly give up all electronics to be able to walk to my friends house and play outside all day. I would gladly give up all electronics to be able to run through the prairie grass, and splash in the cool pond. To run deep in the forest with my brother, swinging from trees, and making secret forts. Maybe I am getting too carried away here, but those are thoughts that make me have envy those kids...like Laura Ingalls. She had an amazing life. She worked hard, and played hard. She didn't have to always watch her back, worrying if someone might take her or her sisters. I bet that that thought rarely crossed there minds. Now, because of the sin of man, we cannot have some of those freedoms. One day, however, we will have those freedomes. We will run with our Big Daddy, sit on His lap and listen to His stories, and just cuddle up in our Big Daddy's arms. That thought is a bigger sensation than the ol' days. While we can't go back to the 1800's, we can wait patientley to run into our Big Daddy's arms.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trip to Iowa

Okay, I must be one of the worst bloggers in the history of bloggers. ;) Anywhoo (as my mom would say) I think I should tell about my trip to Iowa. We just got back from Iowa-our plane arrived late last night. I have to say that I had a bllaasstt. I got to see my awesome cousins, Tori and Britni. I met some new cousins too that are being fostered, Star and Shianne. A long time ago, the family dressed up as nerds to meet Uncle Kent at the airport. They brought a sign that said, "Nerd Convention. President Kent Copley" and totally embarrassed him. So Tori, Shianne, and I decided to dress up like a bunch of nerds and write a sign that said the same thing. Here is a picture.

Yup, pretty nerdy alright! We had a fun time dressing up for the grown ups...they got a pretty big "hoot" out of it. We also put on a Cinderella play for the little girls that became a pretty good hit, that we ended up putting it on for the grown ups.

So all in all, we had a pretty good time in Iowa. I have posted more pictures on facebook on our vacation so if you want to see more-go ahead and look!

Yours until the sun shines,


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my personal blog. I have decided to be active in my blog (finally), and make this a homework assignment for homeshooling. I think I should give you some updates, family and friends. I am now homeschooled along with my brother. My mom is such a great teacher! I am doing Club Soccer once again. I use to do it for a club team called South Valley, but another soccer league called Odyssey bought South Valley out so now it is called Odyssey South. Same people, but different name. I'm also enjoying that. I joined a great homeschool group for girls and their mothers. I have met some great friends, and I love it! I now volunteer at a local school library every Wednesdays and Fridays. I do everything from shelving books to checking them out. FUN! I also volunteer at church on Sundays for the little first graders! It is a lot of hard work, but most definately fun. I am also active in my church's youth group program, 419--I also enjoy that. So that is about all that is new. Thanks for viewing this..please comment! ~Hannah